Welcome to Salon Pro Distribution, your source for product and education in the areas of hair care, hair color, makeup artistry, business knowledge  and business growth. Our mission at Salon Pro Distribution to provide our customers with high quality professional  haircare products. We seek to exceed our customer's expectations by providing superior educational experiences and category management. Integrity and professionalism drive our commitment to excellence with our business and our customers. 


SalonPro Distribution started off as a company with the idea of creating superior products for professionals in the hair care industry. Our approach was unique in that we concentrated on small market settings and expanded into larger areas in the US. We launched the Kolor Me Crazee brand as a defense system for chemically treated hair. As the brand grew, we decided to continue the process through category management. SPD Systems was then launched, which included hydration and stimulation/itchy scalp cleansing systems, as well as smoothing, silk out, and maintenance systems. We then entered the private label market by branding hair care systems for Dr. Cindy Trimm, Niki Smith and other professionals. This led to the creation of Build-A-Brand, which assists in private labeling for salon owners and others in creating and expanding their retail footprint.  


To dedicate time and resources toward product development by taking an aggressive approach to training, and creating a progressive educational program for professionals in the hair care industry while expanding our online presence for retail customers. 

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